The Dance Studio of Union Parish

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Additional Studio Policies

ARRIVAL & ATTENDANCE - Please arrange for students to arrive 5-15 minutes before class already dressed. A student arriving late seriously disrupts a class & the student will miss out on a part of the lesson not to be repeated, including injury preventing warm-ups. Please inform the teacher if you are going to be even five minutes late. Parents are welcome stay in the parking lot or leave while students are in class. Students are allowed to wait in our lobby between classes when they are on the same day.


DSUP DRIVE THRU - The drive begins on Academy Street by the white house and Exits on Lafayette Street.  There will be supervision for students under the age of 10 for up to 15 minutes before and after class.


CLASSES CANCELLED OR MISSED may be made up during another class time during the week until we begin recital dances. Classes cancelled or missed while learning recital will not have make-ups unless instructor deems it necessary. Illness ? If a student is contagious, miserable, or showing symptoms of COVID or other possible contagious illnesses, do not bring the student to class.  Please inform the teacher before the class begins of the absence as a courtesy. Injured students should come to class to observe.


CLASS DROP/WITHDRAW - If a child is considering dropping, please inform the teacher to discuss the problem in hopes we can work together for a resolution. To be removed from a class roster, we require a ?Drop Form? which must be turned into the office. The form can be downloaded online or picked up in the office. The person listed under ?Billing Name? will be responsible for all costume, recital, tuition, and late fees charged until the form is turned in. If turned in before the 1st of the new month, tuition will not be charged for that or future months/weeks of the season.


PICTURES/SOCIAL MEDIA - DSUP has a Facebook Page, Instagram, and TikTok. Posts sometimes share pictures or video of students and we always try to tag all parents so you know what's out there and you can share it also. If you do not wish for your student's picture to be allowed online please inform us IN WRITING by letter or email prior to the first day in any class.


LIABILITY/INSURANCE: The nature of dance/tumble is considered an activity that may expose students to risk of injury. All students are required to be covered on their own insurance policies. it is understood neither The Dance Studio of Union Parish nor any of the staff will be held responsible for injury, illness, or for property lost, stolen, damaged while on the property or at affiliated activities. 


Important Dates


November 21 - 25 Thanksgiving Break

December 22 - Jan4 Christmas Break

February 16 - 22 - Winter Break

March 20 - March 24 Spring Break

April 7-10 Easter Break


September 6th - 1st Day

We do not let out of classes for school in-services, Election Day, Veteran's Day, MLK Day, or President's Day


Nursing Home Winter Performances Dec 19-21

Rectial Show May 26th
- Expect altered schedules during may and Recital stage & dress rehearsals the Week Before


1-3 CREATIVE DANCE & TUMBLE: Any color leotard, pink footed tights, pink ballet shoes. Any skirt/tutu optional.

3-6 BALLET, TAP, TUMBLE & 6-7 BALLET, TAP, PREJAZZ: Black leotard, pink footed tights, pink leather ballet shoes, white taps with button ties (Absolutely no laces). Any skirt/tutu optional.

LEVEL 1-5: Black leotard, pink convertible tights, pink canvas ballet shoes, Tan split sole tap shoes, tan jazz shoes. Optional jazz pants/shorts and ballet skirt.

ACRO: Short-all or leotard with shorts/leggings, or shorts/leggings and fitted top. No baggy clothes. T-shirt?s allowed if tucked in. No Shoes.

HIP HOP: Leotard/t-shirt/tank top with shorts or pants. Student should be able to move freely & comfortably. No school clothes or jazz shoes. Must wear appropriate clean sneakers or boots that are reserved for studio use

CHEER&TUMBLE: Our DSUP White and black tank tops and shorts must be ordered & paid through DSUP before the first class. Any white tennis shoe reserved for studio use.

BOYS Ballet/tap/jazz: Black or white fitted athletic tshirt or tank top, black athletic shorts or fitted athletic pants, black ballet shoes for ballet.

Absolutely no footless tights in ballet/tap/jazz classes, only acceptable for acro or lyrical. Bulky coats/jackets not allowed in classes. Light jackets must be removed after the class warm-up. If you need to attend without proper attire, our teachers will allow students to participate unless it becomes a habit.


 Appropriate cover-ups include tank tops, t-shirts, sweat shirts, jackets, etc. AND shorts or pants. Please remember that not everyone in or outside our studio understands dance/acro attire and we always want to present ourselves as professional and appropriate.