The Dance Studio of Union Parish

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New 2021-2022 Schedule is Tentative
Summer Schedule Listed Below

--Subject to Change--

 Registration Options

We do our best to provide a range of times for classes, however if there is only one class and the time absolutely will not work for you or is inconvenient, please let us know. Sometimes we can adjust, make other suggestions, or keep your need in mind for next time.

AGE 1.5-2 Music Movers Toddler Creative Dance & Tumble: Friday 4:30-5:00
AGE 2-3 Itsy Bitsy Creative Dance & Tumble  Wednesday 5:45-6:15
AGE 3&4 Teeny Tot Ballet, Tap, Tumble Monday 3:15-4:00 OR Tuesday 5:30-6:15
AGE 4&5 Little Bit Ballet, Tap, Tumble  Monday 4:00-5:00
AGE 5&6 Missy Ballet, Tap, Tumble - not available for 21-22
AGE 6&7 Petite Ballet, Tap, Pre-Jazz  Tuesday 6:15-7:45

Hippy Hop (Basic & beginning hip hop for ages 3-5 or students enrolled in Teeny/Little Bit)  Wednesday 4:00-4:30
Hippety Hop (Basic & Beginning hip hop for Ages 5-8 or students enrolled in Missy/Petite)  Wednesday 4:00-4:45

Mini Intro to Acro (Beginner tumbling for Ages 5-8)  Wednesday 4:45-5:45
Jr Intro to Acro (Beginner tumbling for Ages 8+)  Wednesday 4:45-5:45
Non-Recital Acro (Beginner to basic tumbling ages 3-9)  not available for 21-22

Mini Cheer & Tumble(5-10)  Monday 5:00-5:15

** FOR THE CLASSES LISTED BELOW Teacher placement is required to register.
When you register, you will write in the underlined title of "Acro" or "Ballet, Tap, & Jazz Combo" etc. and you will be notified as to which class your student has been placed. Level 1 & 2 may enroll in Basic Lyrical, Level 3 & 4 may enroll in Lyrical Intermediate, Level 5 in Advanced Lyrical.  Students usually complete 2-3 years in each level.  Our Level curriculum is adjusted each year to reflect the skill level of the current students enrolled and adjusted through the year based on their progress.  We will always do what we feel is in the best interest of our students.  Ms Angie will be sending class recommendations this year to previous students.

Ballet, Tap, & Jazz Combo (For ages 7+)
Level 1  Thursday 4:00-5:30
Level 2  Thursday 5:30-7:45
Level 3  Thursday 6:30-9:00
Level 4  Monday 5:15-7:45
Level 5  Not available for 21-22

Acro: (Tumbling for Ages 5+, placement by teacher)
Mini Basic Acro  Wednesday 6:00-7:30
Jr Basic Acro  Wednesday 6:00-7:30
Jr Intermediate Acro  Tuesday 6:15-8:15
Jr Advanced Acro  Tuesday 6:15-8:15

Hip Hop: (For ages 7+)
Hip Hop Basic Tuesday 4:45-5:30
Hip Hop Intermediate  Tuesday 4:45-5:30

(For 7+ enrolled in a level class)
  Lyrical Basic  Tuesday 4:00-4:45
Lyrical Intermediate  Tuesday 4:00-4:45
Lyrical Adv  Thursday 5:45-6:30

Pre-Pointe and Pointe:
(Available by teacher recommendation only for students enrolled in a level class.) 
Pre-Pointe  Monday 4:00-4:45
Pointe  Thursday 5:00-5:455:45-6:30

We plan to offer competition this year. This is for students who have taken at least one year of dance and from DSUP within the last year. Meetings will be held to decide audition placement dates and which competitions we plan to attend.

If a class does not have at least 4 enroll, it may be dropped from the schedule. If a class is dropped, tuition will be credited to your account or refunded minus the refund administration fee. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Questions, Comments, Concerns:
Please e-mail, Facebook Message on our Page, or call 318-548-0124 if you have any Questions, Comments, and Concerns.  ESPECIALLY if there is a class you are interested in but have a schedule conflict.  Everyone deserves to be part of our DSUP Family and we'll work hard to do what we can! Thank you so much for your interest and support!!

  Click Here for a PDF version of the full 2020-2021 schedule

Summer 6 Class Session Camp

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DSUP Summer 2022 Camp

8/12/20-8/19/20 – class every weekday – Wed/Thur/Fri/Mon/Tues/Wed

Schedule is tentative. We may make changes if we have more or less register. Must have at least 4 register to keep a class on the schedule.

Music Movers (toddlers up to 2 yr old)

Adult & toddler class encouraging singing, dancing, & tumbling.

Itsy Bitsy Creative Dance & Tumble (2-3 yr olds)

Adult & toddler class. ½ creative dance & ½ Tumble.

TikTok 7-10 year old 

Tiktok 11 year old and up

Tiktok 16 year old and up

Mini Acro (all levels age 3-6)

Jr Acro (all levels ages 7+)


  1. One-time tuition payment due at the time of registration.
  2. $20 registration fee.

TUITION TIME-TABLE – 1x payment covers all 6 classes

30 Minutes of class/Day - $60

Full hour/day - $70

1.75 hour/day- $85

45 minute/day – $65

1.5 hour/day- $80

Also Available:

  • $40/hour 1-on-1 lessons w/ an instructor (Add $10/hour for teacher’s assistant) in dance or tumble.

More details:

Music Movers & Itsy Bitsy: both classes require one adult attend class to encourage the student to follow the teacher. At this time only 1 adult may come in with a student.

TikTok: similar to hip hop class, except students will be learning choreography similar to or made popular by the app. We will not use the actual app in class. All music & moves will be clean and age appropriate.

Acro: Basic, intermediate, and advanced floor tumbling focused more on limber skills as we advance. Skills include rolls, limbers, cartwheels, hand/chest/elbow stands, and unlimited variations of those skills. More advanced students who have achieved the strength & body awareness necessary will learn aerials & handspring skills


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