The Dance Studio of Union Parish

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Summer Classes have not been finalized yet but we'd love to hear from you if you're interested!

Once finalized we take online registrations, mail-in, and registration by appointment. Registration fees are different for online and mail-in/in-person.

Schedule will be updated in the Spring once our teachers have their summer plans turned into the office. We may make changes if we have more or less register. Must have at least 4 enroll to keep a class on the schedule. Registration fee of $15/student.  Tuition discount of $5/sibling.


Music Movers (toddlers up to 2 yr old) Classes - Price is list below.

SUMMER 2023 DATE TBA - Usually held for 1 week, 5 days in a row.

Itsy Bitsy Creative Dance & Tumble (2-3 yr olds)  Classes - Price in list below

SUMMER 2023 DATE TBA.- Usually held for 1 week, 5 days in a row.

Summer Dance classes for Age 7+ - Price in list below

SUMMER 2023 DATE TBA - usually held for 1 week, 5 days in a row the last week in June or the first couple weeks in July (excluding the 4th)

Hip Hop 1-2pm

Ballet/Lyrical 2-3pm

Tap 3-4pm

Jazz/Contemporary 4-5pm

Tuition List for Summer Dance Camp by Age (1 time payment)

1/2 Hour class - $50

1 Full Hr class - $60

2 Hr Classes - $80

3 Hr Classes - $100

*I want it all! Best Deal: 4 Hr Classes - $120

Competition Bootcamp: This includes all the Summer Dance Classes as well as 2 weeks of comeptition dance rehearsals before competition as well as a practice performance.


Imagination Days - experience dance through the lens of play and imagination. Color, craft, sing, dance ballet, & hip hop, experiment with creative dance, more crafts, tumble, and allow for free dance and tumble time to experiment with what they have learned in class and created with crafts.  Bring your own snacks or send money for the vending machine.

SUMMER 2023 DATE TBA - Usually held Wednesdays 9-12am June-July. $120 for 3 classes, $200 for 6.

FlipFlip & TikTok Camp

SUMMER 2023 DATE TBA - Usually held 4 days a week, MTThF, for one week in July.

Full Camp $120
Tumble/Acro Only 1-4pm $95

HipHop/TikTok Only 4-5pm $55
(if popular enough we may add an additional week in June)


  1. One-time tuition payment due at the time of registration
  2. $15 non-refundable registration fee/student

Also Available:

  • $40/hour 1-on-1 lessons w/ an instructor (Add $10/hour for teacher’s assistant) in dance or tumble.

More details:

Music Movers & Itsy Bitsy: both classes require one adult attend class to encourage the student to follow the teacher. At this time only 1 adult may come in with a student.

TikTok: similar to hip hop class, except students will be learning choreography similar to or made popular by the app. We will not use the actual app in class. All music & moves will be clean and age appropriate.

Acro: Basic, intermediate, and advanced floor tumbling focused more on limber skills as we advance. Skills include rolls, limbers, cartwheels, hand/chest/elbow stands, and unlimited variations of those skills. More advanced students who have achieved the strength & body awareness necessary will learn aerials & handspring skills

WE ALSO HAVE One-On-One Lessons available:
$40/hour private one-on-one lessons with 1 instructor
$35/hour rehearsals with 1 instructor
Add $10/hour one-on-one lessons with 2nd instructor or