The Dance Studio of Union Parish

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Tuition and Registration
Notice: some prices, schedule, and policies will change for our new season and are updated by August each year.

1. Tuition Payment (Final/May, 1st Bi-Annual, or Annual Payment)
2. Registration Fee of $30 (Non-Refundable)
All students are registering for a full season in which at least 30 classes will be offered.


**Note: At the time of registration the account holder is paying for the FINAL month, like a deposit.  September will still be due before the first class.  You must make ay tuition payment with registration to secure yclass space yyyyyyyy**


Tuition Payment plans include:
Option A: Annual Payment Plan of 1 full year payment (No tuition late fees)
Option B: Bi-Annual Payment Plan of 2 installments (Reduces tuition late fee)
First payment due at the time of registration, second payment due on the first class of the new year. If payment is not received by January 14th by 7pm of the new year, account is automatically enrolled into monthly Payment Plan and charged a late fee.
Option C: Monthly Payment Plan of 9 monthly installments, regardless of holidays & number of weeks. (Each payment due on the first class held each month. If not paid by 7pm on the 14th each month, a late fee will be charged.)


We accept cash, check, or card. Cards subject to a 4% fee.


ASK ABOUT OUR ONLINE E-MAIL INVOICES: If you want to pay by card, we can set up online invoices to be sent to your e-mail at any time or set up recurring automated invoices for each time a payment is due.  The convenience fee is the same as if you paid with the card present in the office.  This will help reduce the risk of late fees without having to pay large lump sums. 

Students with accounts that are 30 days past due will not be allowed to participate in class until the account is paid in full. 

Refund Policy: Refunds require written request. All refunds will be subject to a 15% administration fee. No refunds or credits are granted for absences, including inclement weather, when we are open & providing services.



Tuition is due Annually, Bi-Annually, or Monthly.
Late fees are $20 / NSF $20
Costume Fee Charged October 1
Recital Fees charged January 1st


We calculate tuition based on how much time a student is in class each week. The calculation is based on a Half hour of class time a week at $40 a month of tuition and increases by $5 every 15 minutes added. Below is a partial chart:

Half hour/week - $45/month
45 Minutes/Week - $50/month
Full hour/week - $55/month
1.5 Hour/Week - $65/month
2 Hours/week- $75/month
2.5 Hours/week - $85/month
3 Hours/week - $95/month
3.5 Hours/week - $105/month


Multiple Students on an account: Receive a $5 discount per additional students


DSUP Also provides private instruction:
$40/hour private one-on-one lessons with 1 instructor
$35/hour rehearsals with 1 instructor
Add $10/hour one-on-one lessons with 2nd instructor or assistant



Registering for the dance season includes attendance for 9 months of instruction and participation in the end of the year recital.  The ?Billing Name? on the account will be responsible for all costume fees and recital fees charged in association with the recital show.  If you wish to opt out of the recital show you must do it in WRITING by September 31st!!  Students who drop after Oct 1st will still be responsible for costume deposit & balance. Recital Fees are non-refundable & those who drop after January 1 will still be responsible for recital fees.


Costumes include clothing, tights, and any accessories that may be needed for the recital show performance in May.  We measure each student & begin the ordering process in October.

One Costume $55
Two Costumes $95
Three Costumes $150
Each Additional Costume $55

Classes with One Costume: 2-3 Itsy-Bitsy, Itsy, Teeny, Little,
Petite, Hip Hop, Acro, (Pre)Pointe, Lyrical.
Classes with two Costumes: Level 1-5 Classes


Costume balances will be due February 1st. Costume prices vary from year to year, so everyone should be prepared for a balance due.  *We will keep costs down as much as possible.*



Recital fees are charged to every account based on how many students are enrolled under the account.  They cover the cost of the venue rental, backdrops, stage lighting, equipment, personnel hired, student sitters,  attendants AND ONE RECITAL T-SHIRT PER STUDENT.  All accounts will be charged a Recital fee on  January 1st & are considered late March 15th on which a $20 late fee will be incurred.


$60 for one Itsy Bitsy 2&3 student/account
$80 for one student on an account
$110 for two students on an account
$150 for 3+ students on an account



Recital Pictures & Yearbooks: Class & individual photos are taken in February or March with a photographer in-studio. Date/time TBA. Purchase of packages prints or digital CD's is optional.  Class photos will be used in our yearbook and Individual//family/friend shots will be available for use for Ads at no extra charge. Yearbooks are paid for byyyyy sales of "ads"  in the back of the book.  Each student qualifies for ONE free book with $25 of ads sold/purchase.  Ads may be purchased by parents, grandparents, other family members, friends, or businesses.  Yearbook meetings will be held throughout the year and we NEED volunteers.